Sponsored by Amuneal, C.H. Briggs, Emeco, and Knoll.

In partnership with Minima Gallery, Design Milk, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, No More Galleries, and COFCO.


Sponsors VIPs: Adam Kamens, Alyssa Grenning, Tom Gillingham, Patti Rowland, Dan Fogelson, David Bright, and Mike Ippoliti

Exhibition Partner VIPs: Eugenie Perret, Michael Schmick, Kimberly Madeya, Jaime Derringer, Laura Price, Molly Doran, Mike Ski, and Joan Waters

Graphic design: Nicole Lavelle
Space Planner: Samantha Fletcher
Design/Installation: Ben McBrien
Photography: Ryan Collerd
DesignPhiladelphia: Hilary Jay, Jackie Starker, and Emaleigh Doley
Intern: Ambra Hyman
For Their Generous Loans: William Whitaker (Tyng Toy), Bob Aibel (Nakashima and Esherick chairs)
Panelists: Jason Lempieri, Eugenie Perret, Jaime Salm, and Eileen Tognini

And all of our designer and artist participants.