Worthless Console
Ben McBrien (Farmhaus), 2012
Reclaimed Pine, Walnut, Cedar
61" W x 18" D x 28" H

Ben McBrien of Farmhaus got hooked on using reclaimed wood when he and his family moved into a rowhouse in Fishtown. An old Polish theater was being torn down around the corner, its joist beams tossed unceremoniously into a Dumpster. He rescued as many as he could and was “inspired by how the dirty old wood cleaned up so beautifully.” This console is a study in “castoffs and rejects” that “would have been unusable except in a piece customized for them.” These include re-sawn pine beams discarded by a sawyer for having too many defects and a walnut drawer face and back rail that were leftovers from a restaurant project. Says McBrien, “It is a love song for the unloved.” CT