Tyng Toy
Anne Tyng, 1947
21 Pieces Total, Various Sizes

Architect Anne Tyng (1920-2011) paved the way for women in architecture and design. She graduated in the Harvard School of Design’s first co-ed class, and in 1949 she was the only woman in Pennsylvania to receive her architecture license. She developed her Tyng Toy in 1947, the year she joined Louis Kahn’s Philadelphia practice. Designing the modular, slot-together building set was an early step in the evolution of her groundbreaking ideas about architecture and geometry. The Toy came in three sets, ranging in size from 6 to 21 pieces. Sixteen toys could be made using the largest set, which came with a horse head for a rocking horse and wheels for a mini-car. Tyng’s real passion was architecture, and she went on to influence Louis Kahn’s most noted buildings, including the Trenton Bath House and the Yale University Art Gallery. CT