Tripod Lamp
Tyler Hays of BDDW, early aughts
Claro Walnut or American Holly, Handmade Linen Shade
73" H

You can tell Tyler Hays of BDDW has a background in sculpture from his attention to form and his respect for raw materials. He started BDDW in 2000 and moved his workshop from New York City to Port Richmond, Philadelphia in 2009. The move changed his business. As he told Fast Company two years later, “On every level, [Philadelphia] is way better suited to manufacturing than New York.” It allowed him to “have a huge factory and…make stuff on [a wholesale] level and be competitive. It’s not just a small shop with guys using hand tools.” Hays has won many awards for his work, but he’s most proud of “having a company that offers a living wage and that manufactures in America.” CT