“SK8” Chair
Toby Mcqueston, 2012
Broken Skateboards
24" W x 32" D x 30" H

The “SK8” Chair is upcycled from broken skateboard decks, which in the past have had little use once ruined. Mcqueston uses the broken pieces like wood. He was designing furniture for ten years with more traditional materials when he met Victor Perez, a designer of reclaimed skateboard lamps and a gallerist specializing in products upcycled from old decks. Mcqueston and Perez’s shared love of skateboarding brought them together. Perez’s PushSk8 Gallery on Girard Avenue in Northern Liberties is the hub for a growing cross-section of local skaters (a thriving community in Philly) who design. Perez also supplies the broken decks. RE