Ouroboros, Right, Left
Reverend Michael Alan
Watercolor and ink on paper

Reverend Michael Alan bakes bread and illustrations — the former for Wildflour Bakery, a local maker of old-world bread, and the latter for clients including Art in the Age. (The identities he designed for their SNAP, ROOT, and SAGE liquors are influenced by the Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur style. “It promotes humility and simplicity,” he writes of the style. “It’s incredibly warm and full of heart.”) Alan is a Pennsylvania native so the “Dutch” influence has been around his entire life. These watercolors incorporate Pennsylvania Dutch folk art motifs like geometric patterns and stylized flowers. "These pictures depict and are encoded with the sacred geometry that is found within everything in the universe,” he says. “The flower of life, the ouroboros, hidden number sequences are all representations of the continual, endless energy that creates our world."