Lester Warner (Steelworker series)
Chris Crisman, 2005
Archival Inkjet Paper, Wood
40" W x 60" H

For 21 years, photographer Chris Crisman’s father toiled as an hourly shift-worker at Cytemps Specialty Steel in Titusville, a small town in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania, alongside his brother, most of his friends, and his own father. As a teenager Crisman witnessed the end of an era — Cyclops Industries unloaded its steel entities in the early ‘90s and by the time Crisman was in college, the hulking steel mills of his hometown were largely abandoned. His 2005 portrait series, Steelworkers, captures the poignancy of this vanishing industry. This image of Lester Warner was taken at his Titusville home in front of some prized possessions: a buck mount, a collection of wall clocks, and his gun cabinet. CT