Half-Wagner Freestanding Vitrine
Amuneal, 2012
Dyed Oak with Brass Knobs, Glass, and a Tea-Stained Linen Interior
30" W x 42" D x 42" H

Amuneal is a hidden cog of industry whose three facilities in the Frankford section of North Philadelphia blend into the tattered half-industrial, half-residential neighborhood. It’s easy for Center City Philadelphians not to know Amuneal is here even while Amuneal is all around us — including at Barney’s and in the architectural ironwork outside an Old City restaurant. And in Manhattan, in the light fixtures at the Ace Hotel and in the high-lacquer, turned-wood communal table at SoHo House.

Founded in 1965 to make magnetic shields for the military industry, Amuneal’s second-generation owner, Adam Kamens, expanded the company’s capabilities in 2000 to include custom work for residential and commercial architects and designers. In 2012 Amuneal expanded again by launching its own furniture line, which features this vitrine. The vitrine is inspired by the educational displays of natural history specimens inside another remarkable North Philadelphia institution, the circa 1855 Wagner Institute of Science. CT