Fluid Ribbon Chair
Michael D’Amato, 2011
15.75" W x 24.5" D x 33.5" H

D’Amato designed the Fluid Ribbon over several months on his laptop in the lobby of Center City’s Ritz Carlton, and he fabricated the prototypes locally, in one newish facility and one old industrial one. His bamboo version was largely created at NextFab Studio, a designer’s tool-share and co-working space. The aluminum prototype is a product of Frank B. Clayton & Sons, a metal fabricator in Frankford. Making each bend necessitated the pressure of a 20,000-pound brake press for three-quarters of a day per bend. Fluid Ribbon’s “S” shape is similar to Verner Panton’s S Chair, Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair and Gerrit Rietveld’s Z Chair, but theirs are fixed. D’Amato’s is springy. Its split seat acknowledges the fact that the right and left sides of our bodies hardly ever move in sync, and it encourages the body to move. CT