Corian® Chickens
Harry Allen and Jeff McPhie, 2009
Corian® Solid Surface
Chickens: 18" W x 8" D x 20.75" H; 18" W x 7.5" D x 17" H; 16" W x 7" D x 16" H
Eggs: 2.75" W x 4" H

Designed by renowned industrial designer Harry Allen in New York and fabricated in West Chester, PA, these Corian® chickens were created as marketing props for CH Briggs, a local distributor of the solid surface material. The props proved to be a huge hit, and made many fans from the trade show rounds and visits to design firms. They are shown here as an example of the unexpected artistry and craft that can be applied to a material like Corian®. The chickens and eggs were fabricated by hand by Jeff McPhie at MacLaren Fabrication using a small chisel, a knife, and sand paper. RE