Cedar Herb Garden?
Mario Gentile (Shift Space Design), 2011?
Stainless Steel?18" W x 5.5" D x 13.5" H

Former architect Mario Gentile’s company makes eco-friendly outdoor products for modern-minded urban dwellers who want to increase their rowhomes’ sustainability. He is well-tuned to his audience’s needs, and the simplicity of his products belies their ingenuity. (He sized his Fairmount Roof Tiles to fit inside a smallish car and the tabbed handles, for ease of carrying upstairs, double as holes for drainage.) He launched in 2011 with the Fitzwater, a stainless steel rainwater tank. Everything comes flatpacked and is sourced and manufactured within 60 miles of Philadelphia. Gentile aims for 3% maximum waste in the manufacturing and generally produces less. CT