Capsule Light
MIO (Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise), 2003
100% Wool Felt, Elastics, Electrical Components
10" L x 6.5" Diameter

Jaime Salm, Creative Director of MIO, used to admire the church-lady hats in the window of a shop he passed on his way to lunch. He contacted S&S Hat Company, the Philadelphia millinery who’d been producing these toppers since 1923, and the production manager who doubles as a hat designer gave him a tour. These Capsule Lights were the first of several collaborations between MIO and S&S using felt, a material rarely recognized for its translucence, and S&S’s wooden hat blocks that date back to the 1800s. The S&S/MIO partnership adds new depth to the notion of “reusing and recycling” and contributes to MIO’s reputation as a thought leader in the arena of new urban manufacturing. CT